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Dacia Gallery, NYC, solo show opening
Landscape as Muse, solo show Dacia Gallery, NYC
Dacia Gallery, NYC opening
ArtExpo2015 Milano, IT
Agora Gallery opening February 2016
Lecture on personal aesthetics
Icarus Myth: Dreams Deferred ArtPrize 2014
ArtPrize 2010 Recoleta Angel
ArtPrize 2011
ArtPrize 2012
Myth of Icarus ArtPrize 2013
Midland One Woman Exhibition; Alma College
Recoleta Angel: Acton Institute
Louchner Award Fredrik Meijer Gardens
opening Lydon Gallery, Chicago
Magnet Table
Cleopatra Cabinet
Sidecar Table
Vista, Oil on Canvas
Cosmopolitan Home Showroom
Spaces We Create, oil;
Holland Area Arts council one woman show
show 2006-07_HAAC_website.jpg
ArtExpo Milano 2015
 Shanghai China Group Show
 catalog, Shanghai, China Show
Catalog, Shanghai Show
watercolor monotype, Shanghai, China
 Catalog, Shanghai, China show
Shanghai, China show
ArtExpo Milano 2015
Voices of the Children, UICA, solo show
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